Leland NC – If you’ve ever tried to get your kids out of the pool for dinner or because it was time to go home, then you know that water and humans are forever tied. Even as adults there is nothing quite as relaxing, invigorating, peaceful, or just downright fun as a good dip in a pool or hot tub.


The Romans and Greeks are perhaps the most famous for their historic use of water in public baths as early as the 6th century. But they were not the first to develop this type of cultural socialization. The Indus Valley Civilization, which flourished around 2600 BCE had public bathhouses. And, other ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, Babylonians, and Assyrians, also had similar outlets. Through the ages women have given birth in it, astronauts practice weightlessness in it, and some people even sleep on it.

Circa Resort Las Vegas – Playground of Pools

Borrowing from the past are countless versions of this cultural practice today, from pools & hot tubs in homeowner’s backyards to health spas, hotels, resorts, casinos, schools, and lazy rivers – just to name a few – Bradford Products has fabricated them all.

Bradford Products has played a part in continuing the culture of water in our everyday lives. People everywhere use water as therapy for pain, tired muscles and joints, stress relief, improved circulation, exercise, and much more.

Relaxation in Bradford Stainless Steel custom Spas

Whether hot or cold, indoors or outdoors, shallow or deep, Bradford finds ways to improve and customize according to customer’s needs and desires. For over forty years Bradford has manufactured over 10,000 stainless steel pools and spas – that’s a lot of smiles to be sure.