The MPool by Bradford

Leland NC – The MPool is a residential, in-ground pool solution designed and fabricated by Bradford Products for their ‘Bradford Home’ line. BRADFORD HOME (click link)

The MPool is Bradford’s answer to the gap in the residential aquatics market. The MPool delivers the luxury aesthetic of a stainless steel pool at a competitive price. Its customizable features allow homeowners the flexibility to design a pool to fit their needs while maintaining quick turnaround times and cost-effective manufacturing practices.

The MPool being delivered and ready for installation

The length of the MPool is customizable up to 40 feet. To maintain efficient freight costs, the width of the pool is maximized at 12 feet. Every MPool features full-width dimpled stairs for added traction and a unique aesthetic. Homeowners choose between a full-width sun shelf, bench, or none for the opposing end.

Engineered for Distinction
Every MPool is fully fabricated in Bradford’s factory-controlled conditions to deliver a consistent high-quality product. The MPool’s fully welded stainless steel shell will never fade, crack, or peel, and is backed by a 25-year warranty against perforation. The MPool is built with corrosion-resistant, marine-grade stainless steel that retains its elegance in even the harshest of environments.

The MPool’s unique design utilizes Bradford’s traditional fabrication techniques but differs from our traditional vessel construction in its framing structure. While it is still fully welded to maintain 100% water-tight reliability, the MPool uses a proprietary bracing structure combined with backfilled gravel to support itself. By allowing the pool to be supported by the surrounding soil we eliminated the integral structural framing typically found in all of our self-supported vessels for on-grade or elevated installations.

The MPool for the home

Sustainability Delivered
As sustainable and naturally hygienic products and practices continue to drive the market, Bradford is proud to manufacture a product that exceeds expectations for both. The non-porous nature of stainless steel does not allow bacteria to form on its surface nor does it allow water or chemical penetration over time. It will never require resurfacing or acid washing and will retain its watertight reliability for its long lifespan. Our stainless steel products are fully recyclable, inherently hygienic, and made in the USA.