This 77′ stainless steel penthouse lap pool is located at one of Surfside, Florida’s newest luxury properties. This pool is one of 19 custom stainless steel vessels fabricated by Bradford for the project. The client selected 1″ x 1″ blended glass mosaic tile for the floor and added solid color swim lane marker that runs the length of the pool. The interior walls were left in exposed stainless steel with a non-directionally buffed finish, complementing the beauty of the tiled floor. The pool’s three-sided infinity edge allows swimmers to enjoy unobstructed ocean views.

Handcrafted by skilled tradesmen, a Bradford stainless steel pool is a functional piece of art. Evidenced in their finished state, Bradford’s stainless steel vessels become the focal feature of any environment. From concept to completion, see how the idea of this pool became a reality.


Conceptual’s of the pool area are rendered by the architects.


Plans are drawn according to the architect’s specifications.


Finishes and details are specified.


Engineered drawings are produced and the pool moves into production. The pool is fully fabricated in our shop in Leland, NC by AWS Certified Welders.


The pool is completed and loaded onto a tractor trailer and shipped to Florida where it will be craned onto the rooftop and installed by Bradford’s mobile workforce.


Our onsite team installs the pool. Once installed, the pool is filled with water for a short series of tests. After passing leak and pressure tests, the water is drained and tile is installed.


After tile is installed and the surrounding deck areas are complete, the pool is filled with water and ready for swimmers.


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