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Water Walls

WaterFX Water Walls are tranquil, elegant additions to any space. Enhance your resort lobby, courtyard, entryway, VIP Suite, or spa treatment area with a vibrant interplay of falling water, light, sound and reflective color. Water Walls can be built into a pool or spa, adding another degree of personality to your vessel. WaterFX Water Walls are custom designed to any length and height with your choice of finish. Stainless steel construction provides long lasting, low maintenance operation.

Sometimes called a “wet wall” or a “weir”, a Water Wall provides visual appeal complemented by the subtle sound and movement of rippling water. Falling water enhances and highlights the chosen surface material (tile, marble, granite, etc.) while creating interplay of light reflection and movement.

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Key Features:

  • Can be built as an integrated part of an aquatic vessel, or as a stand-alone piece of art
  • Basic mechanics and plumbing utilize dedicated pumps and catch basin
  • Made to any size and height with choice of tile finish
  • One-piece construction or prefabricated sections for onsite assembly
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Long lasting – Low maintenance