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Luxury Hot Tubs: Residential

Residential clients can work with our designers to create a custom spa, or choose one from our Classic Collection line of spas. In either case, Bradford offers you a timeless luxury spa, engineered for permanent in-ground or above ground applications. Durable stainless steel construction of each Bradford spa gives you time-tested reliability that stands up to the toughest outdoor elements. Our custom hot tubs can be found anywhere from oceanfront porches to snowy mountainsides to city rooftops. Our Classic Collection includes eight different shapes and sizes to choose from. All our spas are offered with a choice of one of three distinct finish options: All Stainless, Tile Trim or Full Tile.

A Bradford luxury spa will look its best for many years to come. Each spa is beautifully handcrafted combining durable stainless steel with tile inlay creating the most unique hot tubs on the market today. Elegantly built, Bradford’s spas are the perfect combination of beauty and durability. Every Bradford stainless steel hot tub is backed with our 25 year warranty.

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Ease of Installation and Equipment

In most instances, the spa is shipped fully complete from our production facility in Wilmington, NC. A flat, level, load-bearing engineered surface is required for the vessel to sit on, while the spa’s integral structural frame provides all the support required for the vessel itself.

In cases where access may be limited or when retrofitting an existing space with a new hot tub, we will prefabricate it in sections in the factory and complete the assembly onsite by our skilled workforce. The sections can be built to accommodate any restrictions and to what works best for your location.

Your local pool/spa professional and/or general or landscape contractor typically coordinates the installation by providing; site preparation, offloading and placement, electrical and plumbing connections and permitting as may be required.

Our spas are designed with two options for our equipment system: frame mounted to the spa or contained on a remote equipment platform to be connected to the spa nearby. Gas or electric heating, lighting and feature options available.

Access- Anytime, Anywhere!

Controlling and scheduling the operation of your spa has never been easier. From standard spa-side controls to sophisticated home automation and web interface options, we can equip your spa to suite your specific needs. Whether you prefer a standard control panel or want to access your spa remotely, we provide the solution.

Displayed below are examples of spas from our Classic Collection with various finish options.