The Project

Turnberry Ocean Club Residences, FL

Turnberry Ocean Club is a breath-taking condominium tower overlooking the water in Sunny Isles, Florida. Bradford was chosen to provide stainless steel pools and spas to complete their extensive amenities’ selection. Our team fabricated and installed 29 vessels throughout the 54-story building. The distinct luxurious aesthetic paired with the strength and reliability of our products were key factors in maintaining the integrity of the Turnberry brand.

The Problem and Solution

Level up with Stainless

29 fully welded pools and spas were installed throughout Turnberry Ocean Club Residences’ 54 floors. Unlike our concrete counterparts, Bradford’s stainless steel vessels are made from materials durable enough to last decades while also being light enough to crane to Turnberry’s highest floors. The fully welded structure of our vessels ensures their leak-proof reliability for their long lifespan.

East and West Pools

Sunrise and Sunset Pools

Two fully welded stainless-steel pools totaling over 1700 sq ft, were installed on opposing sides of the 30th floor. A 66-foot pool is located on the east side and offers a sunrise view, while a 57-foot pool sits on the west side, positioned for the perfect sunset. Suspended at 333 feet above sea level, the mirrored, cantilevered pools give residents stunning views of South Florida.

Rise with Stainless

Level 54

Perched on top of the 650’ tower there is over 2,600 sq ft of stainless steel pools. Two rectangular 60-foot pools and two circular hot tubs, totaling 52,960 gallons of water, sit directly over the 154 luxury units of Turnberry Ocean Club. Our fully welded vessels provide leakproof technology that make these daring projects possible.

The Result

By the Numbers

20 Hot Tubs
5 Swim Spas
4 Pools

Level 30 Sunrise Pool: 66’3” x 15’
Level 30 Sunset Pool: 56’10” x 15’
Level 54 Rooftop Pools: 59’9” x 19’8”
5 Swim Spas: 19’ x 10′
20 Hot Tubs: Various dimensions

Architect: Carlos Zapata & Robert Swedroe
Developer: Fontainebleau Development
Aquatic Engineer Aquadynamics Design Group
Local Partner: Artesian Pool Construction