An Urban Oasis

Sky-High Swimming

The tallest residential building south of Manhattan, Brickell Flatiron is designed with a distinct, curvilinear style. Bradford was selected to fabricate and install two large-scale commercial pools, one kiddie pool, two residential penthouse pools, and one commercial spa on the 18th and 64th floors of Brickell Flatiron. The impressive strength-to-weight ratio of our stainless steel pools makes them ideal in this type of installation. The radiused corners and organic perimeters of the vessels mimic the curving facade of the 64 story tower.

The Challenge

Soar with Stainless

Fabricating six vessels with a combined surface area of over 3,000 square feet is no small undertaking and creates a unique set of challenges. All six vessels were fully prefabricated in our facility then shipped in pieces for final assembly onsite. Prefabricating a project of this magnitude requires our team to maintain the most efficient manufacturing processes to meet ship dates while ensuring other projects also remain on schedule. Onsite, Bradford’s mobile workforce must regularly coordinate with other trades and maintain quality work under imperfect and sometimes harsh conditions.

The Solution

Level 18

The 67-foot lap pool located on the exterior terrace of level 18 gives swimmers the uniquely urban experience of swimming between the soaring towers of Brickell. The pool arrived onsite in four sections where it was reassembled and fully welded by Bradford’s mobile team. A circular, 10’7″ diameter kiddie pool is also on the 18th floor. It arrived fully prefabricated in one piece, ready for tile and water.

The Solution

Level 64

The 64th floor pool deck is an entirely singular experience. Perched on the top of the 736-foot tower, the Sky Pool features 360° views of Miami and Biscayne Bay. The Sky Pool holds an impressive 45,804 gallons of water directly over the 527 luxury units that comprise Brickell Flatiron. Two identical, oval-shaped penthouse pools and one commercial spa also crown the 64th floor.

By the Numbers

Brickell Flatiron

Vessels by Surface Area & Volume
Level 64 Pool: 1,507sqft. / 45,804 gallons
Level 64 Spa: 143sqft. / 2,200 gallons
Level 64 PH Pool 1: 195sqft. / 4,781 gallons
Level 64 PH Pool 2: 195sqft. / 4,781 gallons
Level 18 Lap Pool: 1,006sqft. / 31,920 gallons
Level 18 Kiddie Pool: 63sqft. / 448 gallons

Architect: Revuelta Architecture International
Developer: Moss & Associates
Engineer: DeSimone Engineers
Local Partner: Artesian Pool Construction