Respect for History

Navigating the Historic Building

Manhattan’s midtown historic Crown Building was renovated and restored as ‘Aman New York’ by the Aman brand, famous for their resort, hotel and residence developments. The project goal was to preserve the original architectural splendour while reimagining the legendary tranquillity of Aman. Bradford fabricated the numerous vessels involved in the project with this respect for history in mind.

It Starts With Steel

World Class Reputation

For over 40 years Bradford has fabricated and installed over 10,000 stainless steel pools and spas. In our Leland North Carolina manufacturing facility, our craftsmen, engineers, designers, and support staff create centerpieces for the most renowned hotels, resorts, luxury residences, and premier commercial facilities around the globe. Bradford was chosen for the Aman NY project because of our world-class reputation.

Pools, Spas, Water & Fire Effects, Fountains ... Oh My

Style & Grace

At Bradford, we tapped into our broad spectrum of experience to fabricate the variety of vessels and special effects features that were an integral part of the final result. The Aman NY is considered to be one the finest upscale properties in New York, if not the world, featuring 83 hotel suites and 22 residences on the upper floors. In addition, the property boasts a Garden Terrace, Underground Jazz Club, and two superb restaurants (Italian and Japenese cuisine).

Fifteen Total Projects

By the Numbers

1 Commercial Pool- 7th Floor (66′ X 20′)
4 Water Features
3 Residential Pools
3 Residential Hot Tubs
2 Cold Wellness Spas
2 Hot Wellness Spas