Cascading Elegance

Bradford waterfalls and water walls are tranquil, elegant additions to any residential or commercial space. Enhance a lobby, courtyard, entryway, VIP suite, or luxury treatment area with a vibrant interplay of falling water, light, sound and reflective color. Choose from beautiful tile, marble, or granite, as falling water highlights the chosen surface material – creating an interplay of light reflection and movement.

Water | FX

Delightful Display

Our waterfalls and water walls are easily built into a Bradford pool or spa or on their own, adding another degree of personality to your aquatic vessel or experience. Custom designed to any dimension with your choice of finish, every Bradford water effect features stainless steel construction for long-lasting, low maintenance operation.

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The Bradford Stainless Difference

Bradford’s stainless steel aquatic vessels deliver unmatched durability, longevity, and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel also features an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, which further reduces material costs, structural requirements and installation time. When properly maintained, our stainless steel pools and spas will never delaminate, crack, peel, discolor, leak, or require renewing finishes over the lifespan of the vessel. Backed by our 25-year warranty, our stainless steel aquatic vessels give your project the quality and durability it deserves.