Northern Quest Resort and Casino - 2430


Northern Quest Resort and Casino - 2430

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas_Vitality Tub_1853

Mandarin Oriental - 1853


Mandarin Oriental - 1853

Vdara Therapy Pool 1799

Glenmere Mansion - 3599


Peppermill - 1794

Four Seasons Baltimore

Four Seasons - 3187


Four Seasons - 3187


Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa - 1332

Golden Nugget Couples

Golden Nugget - 3617

Albany Vitality Tub

Albany Bahamas - 2633

Beaver Creek Spa

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort & Spa - 1332

Vitality Spas

Bradford’s Vitality Spas offer an invigorating experience for the home or day spa environment. Our Vitality Pools can include features such as built-in stainless steel tube loungers, hydrotherapy stations and immersion zones, champagne bubbles, imaginative water features and other specialty jets. Additionally, you can add herbal essences and custom lighting configurations to enhance your pool. Vitality pool design often includes loungers that allow for three or more guests to have their own lounging space inside the pool.

Bradford Products offers full customization for every spa we manufacture. They can be customized for individual use in VIP suites or larger common areas for multiple guests. With a vast range of tile colors and styles to choose from, our vessels can be finished to match existing decor. The combination of stainless steel and tile inlay is both beautiful and functional due to it’s inherently hygienic nature. Choose from tile available tile colors to finish your pool including ceramic, stone, marble, travertine, Byzantine-style, or glass mosaic tile. Vitality pools can also be tiled to match any property’s existing decor.

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