COM Delgrossos TiptonPA Lazy River2 5715

Delgrossos - Tipton, PA - 5715

COM Delgrossos TiptonPA Lazy River1 5715

Delgrossos - Tipton, PA - 5715

Lazy River Pool - Custom Built

Caribe Resort, Alabama - 0879

Caribe Resort Lazy River Pool | Bradford Products

Caribe Resort - Construction Photo - 0879

Lazy River Pool Construction

Caribe Resort - Construction Photos - 0879


Caribe Resort - Construction Photo - 0879


Caribe Resort - 0879

RiverRide Lazy River Pool

The RiverRide®, by Bradford Products is a great addition to any water park or resort property. Our version of this commercial Lazy River feature is fabricated from stainless steel and can be custom designed for each individual project. A leisurely ride is created by a current generating system, pushing riders gently around the winding pool.

The roof of a 3 story parking deck is home to a Bradford RiverRide at the Caribe Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama. The lightweight nature of stainless steel construction vs typical concrete construction is ideal for elevated installations. It’s hygienic nature and durability make it an optimal material for high traffic, commercial pools.