Private Residence - 04519


Private Residence - 3534

1800_Cosmo Pool Deck

Cosmopolitan - 1800


Golden Nugget - 1964


Encore - 1703


Dream Hotel - 2061


Cosmopolitan - 1800


First Baptist Church, Texas - 3952


Royal Court - 1819


Caribe Resort, Alabama - 0879

Epic Hotel 1641

Epic Hotel - 1641


Encore - 1703


Private Residence - 2579


Private Residence -


Bradford combines innovative design and precision engineering to create stainless steel commercial and residential pools of sensational distinction and reliability that fit any environment. Bradford’s pools are on the cutting edge of extremely refined, lightweight, high strength custom vessels. A Bradford stainless steel pool weighs 3x less than a typical concrete or Gunite™ swimming pool. This can significantly reduce the demands of a building’s structural requirement, making stainless steel pools ideal for elevated or rooftop environments.

Bradford pools are designed to arrive fully assembled. If site conditions do not allow it, we will prefabricate and ship the pool or spa in sections for on-site assembly by a highly skilled and experienced member of the Bradford team.  In either case, it can result in decreased installation time and costs. All that is required is a flat, level, load-bearing surface for our vessel to be placed on.  A concrete pit or vault is optional.  Pools can be designed to be free-standing and we offer several options to tie into pit or decking.  Whether it’s above or below grade, our pools are designed and engineered to suit your specific environment. Bradford is available for onsite installation.

All Bradford stainless steel pools are designed:

  • Using the latest 3D modeling software
  • CAD Engineered & Manufactured to exacting tolerances.
  • With state-of-the-art construction, providing lasting durability
  • With corrosion resistance and long-term structural rigidity
  • So that material will not delaminate, crack, peel, corrode, discolor, leak, or require renewing finishes over its life
  • And when combined with any of a variety of tile finishes you can customize the look you want for your pool