Why Stainless Steel?

  1. Watertight Welded Integrity
  2.  Precision Engineering
  3.  Sustainability
  4.  Reduced Weight Loads

One of the key benefits of a stainless steel pool is that it is lighter and saves in the cost of structural support for elevated installations. As illustrated below, the strength-to-weight ratio allows our pools to lighten the load of a newly built level of a building.

This structural weight comparison of a stainless steel pool versus a concrete pool was completed by a structural engineer at The Engineering Company of Henderson, NV. The study revealed:

The weight of a stainless steel pool and its support structure is more than THREE TIMES LIGHTER than a concrete pool and its support structure.

The cost of a stainless steel pool and its support structure is approximately 2% LESS than a concrete pool and its support structure.

The stainless steel vessel itself may have a higher initial cost but the long-term value for elevated installations is immeasurable. Concrete’s natural compressive proper ty will shift, settle and crack with the natural movement of high-rise construction. Stainless steel is forgiving and allows for greater flexibility.

On-site installation time is much quicker with stainless steel applications. Whole vessels or large pieces can be lifted via helicopter or crane for elevated installations. There is also no time needed for forming/curing or intermittent code inspections as is needed with concrete construction.

Bradford is proud to provide a green solution that meets all your pool and hot tub needs. Our products are manufactured in the U.S. with environmentally conscious practices and materials.

Stainless steel is one of the most environmentally responsible and sustainable materials used in manufacturing today. At the end of its long life cycle, stainless steel will be 100% recyclable. Stainless steel construction gives your product the lasting durability needed to prevent costly repairs and leak damage associated with typical materials.

The environmental benefits of stainless steel are one of many factors that permit LEED certification, and help to keep sustainability at the forefront of your design!