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Regular visits to the sauna are known reduce stress, relax muscles, cleanse the skin and flush toxins from the body. Saunas also improve cardiovascular performance, burn calories and promote an overall feeling of wellness.

Bradford saunas are typically made from Western Red Cedar however, other highly prized woods including Nordic White Spruce can also be used.

Key Features:

• Temperature: approximately 176 – 212°F (80 – 100°C)
• Environment: Desert dry heat – Stones are wetted towards the end of the warm-up.
• Ideal for purging and decontamination of the skin.
• Stimulates blood circulation, promotes building the body’s own defenses
• Suggested duration of stay: 15-20 minutes (heat-up), 20-30 minutes (rest), daily.
• Often followed by a cool shower, dip in a cold plunge or application of an ice body rub from a Bradford Ice Fountain.

From Bradford:

• Custom pre-fab room with sauna oven and rocks
• Bench seating
• Cove lighting – Service Light
• Illuminated, decorative sculpture on pedestal or wall mounted
• Integral Transducer speakers with hookups for facility supplied audio system.
• Custom wood framed glass door and hardware.

Safety Features should include:

• Emergency Alert Button – supplied by Bradford, NOTE: facility will wire the alert button/switch into their own alarm or   similar device.
• Penetration in ceiling for sprinkler fitting – (sprinkler head and installation by others)
• Bradford will provide Operation & User Safety Cards.

Bradford will typically supply the prefab room for onsite assembly to have construction assembly by others.