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Ice Fountains

Bradford’s Ice fountains will give you an invigorating experience as the rapid cool down naturally attributes to the wellness of skin, tissue and muscles. Traditionally, Scandinavians used easily accessible snow to reduce body temperatures immediately after a dry sauna or steam room treatment. Resorts can now simulate this experience as a part of an imaginative and culturally influenced spa environment. We have designed artificial snow, low-lying fog and chilling arctic rooms for cold environments. Used after an experience shower, hot tub, or steam room, ice from the basin is applied directly to the body, stimulating blood circulation and strengthening the immune system.

Ice fountains and their pedestals can be as ornate or conventional as your project requires. They can be finished in artistic tile or stainless steel. Bradford’s Ice Fountains are sensor activated and are 100% custom. They are designed to meet and exceed local and state health codes.

Ice Fountain Features:

  • Stainless steel construction, custom designed and CAD engineered to customer’s specifications
  • Sensor-activated
  • Hygienic, easy to clean
  • Ceramic tile or glass mosaic tile finish
  • Catch basin included
  • Low-voltage LED lighting