Bradford Products has teamed up with Studio DW to create a shower as part of their VIP wellness suite featured at HI Connect’s design show. Our challenge was to develop our Experience Shower to fully demonstrate its functionality at the show along side of the other amenities designed by Studio DW. This allowed us to re-imagine our current shower and deliver a new Experience Shower available to fit hotel resort VIP guest rooms.

The Experience Shower was designed to combine the very best features our line of showers has to offer. This Experience Shower has a unique variety of multi-temperature water experiences combined with relaxing chromatherapy, soothing acoustics, steam and rejuvenating massage sequencing. The interior surfaces are tiled per specifications, and lighting effects are pre-programmed with water, sound and music. The shower includes body jets, a 24″ shower head with misters, waterfalls and a foot massaging flow along the floor. A simple-to-use touch screen interface presents the bather with a choice of 4 unique experiences: Arctic Blast, Island Storm, Aqua Massage, and Tropical Rain. “Shower Select” provides the bather with access to all features so they may create their own unique shower experience.

Bradford has had the privilege of working with the professionals at Studio DW who gave us the opportunity to demonstrate that hotel resort showers can transform from ordinary to unforgettable!