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Custom Pool Waterfalls

Custom Waterfalls by WaterFX are a stunning addition to any pool or spa. WaterFX’s Sheeting Waterfall is a continuous, unbroken sheet of water cascading into the surrounding basin or pool. The natural beauty of falling water is accentuated by one of nature’s calmest sounds. A Sheeting Waterfall not only visually accentuates a pool or spa, but audibly delivers an atmosphere of tranquility to the surrounding area.

WaterFX designs and manufactures two types of Sheeting Waterfalls:

  • Fully Enclosed Pressure-Driven – Waterfall assembly is sealed and typically hidden from view; water is forced out under pressure.
  • Trough Overflow – Water fills an open trough before overflowing at the low point in a predetermined area.

Both styles of Waterfalls will be affected by windy conditions, making them better suited for indoor use, or short “fall-height” exterior applications. The higher the water falls from, the greater the volume of water that is required to prevent the sheet from separating.