Private or commercial, Bradford will make your day spa unforgettable. Bradford is leading the way in one of the most exciting and fastest growing industries in development. We are a provider of quality equipment and we also offer design services for all hydrotherapy treatment styles for spa resorts and homes around the world. Spa consultants, hoteliers, and architects partner with us to co-create and engineer a variety of imaginative products and relaxation spaces for their projects. Our innovations in hydrotherapy products allows a resort spa to create an extraordinary atmosphere centered around the well-being of body, mind, and spirit of its visitors. Guests around the world enjoy being surrounded by serene environments and exotic treatments. With better understanding of implications of stress, visitors have made spas an essential part of their wellness minded lifestyles.

This photo is an example of the Turkish Hammam that Bradford Products built for the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas, Nevada reference number 1923. To learn more about this project or other wellness products like this click the contact us menu at the top of every page or call a Bradford Representative today.

Wellness Offerings:

  • Steam Rooms: 120°F (48°C) with steam, aroma, lighting, and sound in 100% humidity.
  • Saunas: A wood surfaced room which uses perspiration as means to detoxify the body and skin.
  • Heated Loungers: Custom tiled surfaced, that releases a gentle heat to sooth your body, custom configurations, and accent lighting.
  • Experience Showers: Several body jets release scented water, creating contrasting shower experiences. These jets range from a warm tropical downpour to cool water, releasing a fine scented mist.
  • Private Heaven: An experience shower, which includes the same features as a experience shower, but includes the use of steam.
  • Hammam: A room that allows for series of increasing temperatures followed by a rub down, a massage, and finished off with a cold shower.
  • Rasul: A small room with increasing temperatures for the use of a mineral rich Moroccan mud to cleanse and detoxify the skin followed by a shower
  • Ice Fountains: The Ice Fountain produces ice flakes to be rubbed on the body which stimulates circulation and facilitates the cooling of the body.
  • Vitality Tub: This pool can come equipped with features such as hydro back benches, champaign bubbles, body massage stations, hydrotherapy jets, and a neck message water feature