Residential Installation

A standard model Bradford Spa will arrive as a fully fabricated and tiled (or untiled) spa shell with no surrounding skirting or side panels. This means you are free to install the vessel in the way that best suits your location. Choose either flush with the grade, partially recessed or on grade. You can also position the spa in or on a deck or other structure. Bradford is happy to provide calculated weights, with water, prior to the spas arrival to ensure your elevated location can handle the load.

Along with the spa, the remote equipment pack arrives with all the required components mounted and plumbed to corresponding stub outs. Simply position the spa and pack in the desired location within 40 feet of each other and connect the plumbing lines. Have a licensed electrician run main power to the pack and you’re ready to fill the spa with water.

One of the most exciting design features of a Bradford stainless steel spa is it’s structural frame. A flat, level, load-bearing engineered surface is required for the vessel to sit on, while the spa’s integral structural frame provides all the support required for the vessel itself.

With every vessel we make, you can customize the unit to suit individual installation requirements. Our pools adhere to a similar installation technique, but vary based on individual needs. Please contact Bradford to further discuss your ideas and further information on pool and spa installation.


    Download Residential Installation Brochures