Commerical Pool being craned over a night time Boston skyline

Boston, MA - 5507

Stainless steel pool being craned onto a Maryland rooftop for installation.

College Park, MD - 6227

Stainless steel pool being craned onto a Miami rooftop for installation.

Miami, FL - 5250

Commercial Installation

There are many different factors and considerations that come into play when installing a commercial pool or spa. Bradford takes great pride in being able to deliver a vessel that meets all of the installation specifications which are unique to any given project. We are often called to provide solutions for demanding sites and locations when our clients have previously been told, “you cannot put a pool there!”

We can put a pool there.

We specialize in above grade, rooftop and technically challenging installations.

Access permitting, the commercial pool or spa will be delivered and installed in one piece, greatly reducing the onsite construction time and installation costs. When the project is too large or the site has limited access, prefabricated, pre-plumbed sections are craned or carried into place. Typically, the architect, contractor, or builder supplies a level, load-bearing engineered surface to sit the vessel on. In many cases, the integral frame is all the structural support required for the pool vessel itself.

As we are a completely custom manufacturer, we have the ability to work with you, your architects, engineers and GC to provide more explicit details and information to formulate the best course of action and solution.

Please contact us to discuss in further depth the challenges your project faces.