Commerical Pool being craned over a night time Boston skyline

Boston, MA - 5507

Stainless steel pool being craned onto a Maryland rooftop for installation.

College Park, MD - 6227

Miami, FL - Helicopter Crane


Access permitting, a Bradford spa will be delivered and installed in one piece, greatly reducing the onsite construction time and spa installation costs. In limited access areas, prefabricated, pre-plumbed sections are craned or carried into place. Sections can be built to accommodate any location restrictions. The architect, contractor, or builder typically coordinates the installation by supplying a level, load-bearing engineered surface to sit the vessel on. The integral frame provides all the structural support required for the pool vessel.

Bradford is available for onsite installation.

There are three suggested installation types:

Recessed mount

Recessed Mount: Use a recessed mount when you are planning to install the spa partially recessed beneath the ground or a deck. You will need to partially dig a pit if the spa is going in the ground.

This is ideal when the spa will be placed on an elevated deck, however, you will need to build a skirt around the side of the spa and have access for any frame mounted equipment.

FlFlush mountush Mount: Use a flush mount when you are planning to install the spa completely recessed into the ground or deck. Bradford spas have been engineered to allow for permanent in-ground installation. You will need to dig a vault (pit) large enough to hold the entire spa.

*Consideration should be given for future access and periodic maintenance to the frame mounted equipment when choosing Recessed or Flush Mount style of installation.

on grade mount

On Grade Mount: Use an on-grade mount when you are planning to install the spa on ground level. This installation will require you to build a set of stairs on the side of the spa for ease of entry and exit and skirting around the side of the spa.