SV Hemishere - Full Tile

Stainless steel yacht spa with Craig Bragdy tile aboard the Mia Elise.

Mia Elise Yacht - 3084

Caesars Palace Swimming Pool | Bradford Products

Caesars Palace - Las Vegas - 1966

Salamander Day Spa - Middleburg Virginia -

Four Seasons - Baltimore, MD -

Reflecting Pool, Encore Hotel - Butterfly Mosaic - 1703

Swimspa - Marble Finish

Classic Southport - Tile Trim

Classic Hampton - Tile Trim

Classic Hatteras - Tile Trim

Beaver Creek - Park Hyatt -


Bradford offers three types of distinct finishes for all stainless steel spas; full ceramic tile, all stainless steel, or a unique combination of both called tile trim. In our tile trim option, the floor, seats, step treads, waterline, and top lip are finished with your tile choice. The walls and step risers are then finished in non-directionally buffed stainless steel for a sleek, vibrant look.

Bradford provides a wide selection of exquisite stone and traditional ceramic tile to fit your particular style. Whatever your choice, our experienced design team can assist you with choosing the finish that best compliments your style, decor, and/or color scheme. Our expert tilers are experienced and can complete the most challenging custom projects.

Bradford’s Finish Options:

Stainless Steel – The all Stainless finish offers a clean and contemporary look. A non-directional buffed finish is applied to all interior stainless steel surfaces.

Tile Trim – Combines both stainless and tile. In a spa for example, tile is inlaid into all horizontal surfaces (floor, seats, stair treads, waterline, and top lip), leaving the foot well and walls in buffed stainless steel. A tile jog is utilized so that a smooth transition from tile to stainless is achieved.

Full Tile – The entire interior surface is clad with tile without any visible stainless steel.

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