The UL-approved* BradPack™ is a prefabricated, fully assembled pool and spa equipment system that is designed to use minimal space as well as make for a quicker installation.

Simply connect the BradPack™ to the corresponding labelled stub-outs on your Bradford commercial pool or spa and supply power to the unit. (All electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrical contractor.)

*Standard BradPack meet UL requirements, custom BradPacks can be UL – approved if required.

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Why Choose an UL Listed BradPack Commercial Equipment Skid?

The UL Listed BradPack is a prefabricated, fully assembled equipment system that is designed with ease of installation in mind. With all the components already mounted and wired to a central control box on the frame – simply position the BradPack and connect your plumbing to the corresponding labeled stub-outs then supply main power to the unit. It’s that easy!!

What are the differences in BradPack Models?

The UL Listed BradPack is available in 22 different configurations to suit your individual project requirements. The systems fall into (3) model variants: BP-00, BP-01& BP-02.

Each variant differs from the others in power supply, electrical phase, heater size, and the number of jet pumps. The BP-00 series have no jet pumps and are suited for commercial pools up to 30,600 gallons with a 6 hour turn-over rate. The BP-01 & BP-02 series have either one or two jet pumps and are rated for commercial spas up to 2,550 gallons with a 30 minute turn-over rate as well as for therapy vessels up to 5,760 gallons with a 2 hour and 11,520 gallons and a 4 hour turn-over rate. The BP-02-6 & BP02-7 are both rated up to 10,200 gallons at 2 hours and 20,400 gallons at 4 hours turn-over rate.

Are there any other options?

YES- there are many other component options and configurations available on a BradPack commercial equipment skid. Our system specialists can customize any BradPack to suit any commercial project requirements, including MET certification.

Check out page 3 of our BradPack Brochure to determine what kind of equipment you need: Bradpack Brochure

Equipment PackBradPack Components:

14 ga. stainless steel skid pac

  • Chlorine/bromine erosion feeder flow meter
  • Erosion feeder flow meter
  • System flow meter
  • Analog vacuum and pressure gauge
  •  PVC valves and fittings
  • BradPack controls – electrical enclosures with motor starters, timer, discounts, terminal strips and switches
  • Circulating pump – high head 0.75 HP – and jet pump(s) – high head 1.5 HP or 2 HP
  • Cartridge filter
  •  12 KW or 18 KW electric heater
  • Remotely located “panic” stop switch
  • Remotely located  15 minute jet timer


 BradPack Options- to be field installed:

  • CAT 5000 pH/ORP Automated chemical controller (in FL use CES for a CA MRS-F System)
  • Brass erosion feeder solenoid valve
  • 15 gal. pH control chemical storage tank
  • Single speed pH control chemical feed pump
  • UV water treatment
  • Ozone water treatment
  • Automated water level controller
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