BRD Series

Bradford’s residential spas meet IAPMO certification standards and are VGA compliant. We offer a range of BRD remote packs to best suit the chosen spa model and the number of hydrotherapy jets.

The pack will arrive from our factory with all the necessary spa equipment, pumps, heaters, filter, copper-silver ion water purification system mounted on a lightweight polypropylene 48″ x 48″ platform (26″ x 48″ for a 1 pump system). The equipment pack is pre-plumbed to stub-outs, and in most cases consists of 2 to 4 pipes to be connected. Simply place the pack within 40 feet of the spa, connect the stub-outs  and have the pack wired into the power supply. All electrical and plumbing connections should be make by a licensed trade contractor.

Standard Remote Equipment Pack Includes:

• Topside Controller with 50′ Cord
• 100 sq.ft. Cartridge Filter
• Copper Silver Ion Water Purification System
• 5.5 kW Electric Heater (11kW upgrade available)
• 2 hp. 2 Speed Pump (Additional 2 hp. Pump, 16 Jet Models)
• Inline Zinc Anode
• Temperature Probe Sensor

BRD 300 Series – Remote Equipment Packs

Additionally Bradford offers the following remote equipment packs

(1) Pump Systems – For (8) High Output 15gpm Hydrotherapy Jets
• BRD-155 – 5.5kW Electric Heater
• BRD-111 – 11kW Electric Heater
• BRD-1G – Gas Ready*

(2) Pump Systems – For (16) High Output 15gpm Hydrotherapy Jets
• BRD-255 – 5.5kW Electric Heater
• BRD-111 – 11kW Electric Heater
• BRD-2G – Gas Ready*

*Gas Heaters – Requires Either BRD-1G or BRD-2G
Available in either Propane (L) or Natural Gas (N) versions
• ER L/N 152 – 150,000 BTU
• ER L/N 202 – 199,999 BTU

For custom spas with additional hydrotherapy jets above the standard 8 or 16 configurations,
we offer even more equipment variations and solutions. Please call our offices to discuss your exact needs.