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Stainless Steel Therapy Pool

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Custom Hydrotherapy Pool
Adjustable Floor Therapy Pool

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Duke University Therapy Pool

Duke University - 0345

Therapy Pools

Bradford Products’ involvement in physical therapy, rehabilitation and sports medicine hydrotherapy dates back to some of our earliest systems. Sports and healthcare professionals have trusted Bradford to design and deliver the very best in custom hydrotherapy pools. From medical centers to universities to professional training facilities, these pools play an integral part in physical therapy, rehabilitation and sports medicine treatments. Our stainless steel vessels are durable and long lasting, low maintenance, watertight, and extremely hygienic.

Bradford designs, manufactures and installs to our clients precise specifications. Our custom stainless steel therapy pools can be designed with multiple floor depths, bench depths and ramps to fit the exact needs of the facility. Therapy pools can be designed with custom components like parallel handrails, nonslip tile and observation windows. Handicap lifts, ramps and access areas are available to meet ADA code requirements. Additionally, the inherently hygienic nature of stainless steel makes our therapy vessels easy to maintain.

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Types of Therapy Pools:

  • Aquatic Rehab & Exercise
  • Birthing
  • Cold/Hot
  • Fido (canine therapy)
  • Immersion