Miami Rooftop Pool

Downtown Miami’s Rooftop Pool

The 48 story office building and 20 story 5-star hotel combination called Met 2 was designed as part of the interest given to the Miami, Florida downtown revitalization effort. The rooftop lounge, pool and spa are a preservation of Miami’s colorful charm and relaxing elegance. Downtown Miami’s open, modern excitement is matched by the natural blue sky and expansive ocean scenes giving the city its bright, leisurely draw. The rooftop lounge area which physically nestles between office and hotel accents the bright blues and open air comfort above the busy city street bustle, yet sits harmoniously among the surrounding cityscape. The pool is tiled with a bright blue mix of hues accented by a dark blue tile spread throughout which mimics the neighboring buildings’ small square window shapes. The tile pattern gives the pool the sense of movement of an active urban environment.

At 35’ x 62’ and 5ft. water depth, this pool size had to be light, durable and able to be installed on the rooftop. Creating the pool out of stainless steel allows the deck to rely on watertight welding and the building benefits from less cost and complication of reinforced structuring. Stainless steel gives it a high-quality weather resistant feature with less maintenance and more durability. This pool was built in 5 pieces in our facility (watch here), craned onto the rooftop, and installed on-site. After tiling the spill-over and steps, the walls and floor of the pool were left with a modern, elegant stainless steel finish. The combination of bright blue colors and reflective stainless steel extend the modern city’s energy onto the rooftop lounge. Another elevated stainless steel pool project for the Bradford team! And special thanks to Brosch Wurst Wolf & Associates and Aquatic Construction Management.

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