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Private Residence - NC -

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Custom Residential Infinity Pool

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At Bradford Products, we have over 30 years of experience designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing residential pools and spas. Our top priority is to create custom work that exceeds our customer’s expectations. With all of our best residential resources in one place, learn about the many benefits of stainless steel pool and spa design and become familiar with the residential services we offer.

Why a Stainless Steel Pool or Spa

A stainless steel pool or spa from Bradford Products gives you the freedom to completely customize your vessel. Everything from size, shape, depth, to a variety of finishes and hydrotherapy options are yours to choose. A stainless steel pool or spa is a sleek and durable addition to any environment.

Installing Pools & Spas Where Others Can’t…

Our CAD engineered vessels provide extremely high structural qualities, allowing them to be installed in the most challenging locations… perfectly suited for a beach or lake home, basement, elevated deck, balcony or penthouse suite. Shipped in one piece or pre-fabricated sections, our pools and spas are installed in just a matter of days, not weeks or months like other pool installations.

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