AIA Learning Unit

The course provides an in-depth look at the properties of stainless steel and why the material should be the #1 choice for a pool or spa in any on grade or elevated installation. The course further details the sustainability of stainless steel and the “green” attributes of the material  that can contribute to LEED certification of a project. The course finishes with how these properties and sustainability can apply to steam, arctic, and hammam thermal relaxation rooms.
Bradford Products, in partnership with AEC Daily, offers an AIA approved and credited course.
Course Number: AEC630
Sustainability and Stainless Steel in Elevated Pools, Spas and Thermal Rooms
AIA/General/CE/GBCI: 1.00 hour
AIA approved course. This course qualifies for 1.0 LU/HSW hour.
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Great Informational Links

Please read this informative article by Catherine Houska, consultant to IMOA (International Molybdenum Association) that extolls the use of stainless steel  as a material choice for pools, spas, and therapy tubs.  She cites both the hygienic and seismic performance of stainless as wells as design and structural advantages. Swimming and Spa Pools

The article by Matt Alderton begins by talking about stainless steel and what it has been used for with products like knives and razor blades, to skyscrapers and the worlds largest ships. From there it continues to discuss many of the reasons why stainless steel offers many advantages: fabrication, sustainability, safety, overall appearance, and longevity. “Pool of Steel”

CSI Specification

Bradford Products has developed Construction Specification Institute documents for stainless steel swimming pools, spas, and steam rooms formatted in Word and Word Perfect for your convenience.


Swimming Pools.docx
Swimming Pools.wdp
Steam Rooms.docx

CAD Details

Our engineers are capable of developing highly detailed CAD drawing sets that can show material lists, hydraulic requirements, equipment criteria, and plumbing and electrical schematics pertinent to the design of our swimming pools, spas and spa wellness designs.

Bradford’s drawing sets can be supplied digitally in common file formats or as hard copies to be integrated with the projects architectural CAD package.

For a better understanding of the stainless steel manufacturing process, please contact us.