Copper pipes hanging water feature.

Brickell City Centre, Miami - 5853

Cosmopolitan Umbrella Water Feature-1800

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas - 1800

Cosmopolitan Custom Water Feature - 1800

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas - 1800


Laniwai Spa - The Aulani Resort - 3083


Laniwai Spa - The Aulani Resort - 3083


Vdara, Las Vegas - 1799


Laniawi Spa - The Aulani Resort - 3083

DohaInternationalAirport_Qatar_WaterFountain2_3008_Speciality fountian

Doha International Airport - Doha, Qatar - 3008


Butte Casino, Arizona -


Doha International Airport - Doha, Qatar - 3008

Water Feature 1

Caesars Palace - 1966

Custom Water Features

Bradford designs and fabricates luxury water features that integrate a fully customizable basin, pan, and fountain components to create a truly unique feature.

We offer you the opportunity to make a custom feature that is one of a kind and best fits your project. Our custom water features allow a full customizable shape, water fall speed, lights, jets, displays and so much more. A custom made feature also puts your own individual style into your home or entertaining area.

Water features add beauty to your facility or outdoor space. A fountain, whether indoors or out, aids in stress relief and relaxation, as well acting as a natural humidifier, improves air quality, and produces sounds of flowing water that provides a calm and serene effect.

A Bradford water feature creates a focal point for an entire room or outdoor space. In commercial settings they create an impressive statement and can even be made to incorporate a logo. Our large scale, custom water fountains can be seen in resorts, pools, and other public and commercial buildings around the world.

Types of Water Features:

  • Runnels
  • Sheer Decent
  • Cascading
  • Laminar
  • Custom Shower Heads