Private Residence - 4519

Infinity Edge Private Rooftop SwimSpa -

SwimSpa With Power Shower Water Feature & Automatic Cover - 1141

Oceanfront SwimSpa with Auto Cover -

Indoor swim spa with hot tub and waterfall

Private Residence - 3532

Residential SwimSpa -

Spa Seating Arrangement -

Keyhole Entry & Multi Depth SwimSpa -


Bradford SwimSpas® provide an exercise experience and a relaxing spa all in one. Choose from one of our standard models or customize a SwimSpa® to your own design specifications. A customized SwimSpa® can be tailored to fit your personal style and need, whether its multiple depths, extra seating, additional hydrotherapy jets or specialty tile from around the world. Bradford SwimSpas are lightweight and customized to fit in unique spaces.

Unlike other systems that rely on air to create flow, our RibbonFlow system is 100% hydro-powered and is designed to provide a steady and even flow of water which provides a more realistic swimming experience. Bradford SwimSpas create a smooth, laminar water flow without the buoyancy-defeating characteristics of white water. Our touch screen control system offers multiple settings for pre-programmed workouts, or the swimmer can adjust the controls to design a personalized workout. Backed by our 25-year warranty, a Bradford stainless steel SwimSpa provides you access to years of aquatic exercise without ever leaving your home.