New to the Bradford Products line of products is architectural foam mouldings. Bradford manufactures uniform architectural elements in a factory controlled environment using state of the art technology. We use expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam in a variety of densities to suit your specific needs.

The product is high quality and lightweight, allowing installation to be completed with minimal equipment and manpower. The elements are offered in raw form (EPS Foam) or with a pre-coated synthetic finish with many color options to choose from. Pre-coated elements are impact resistant, rigid and when properly installed, impermeable to weather.

We offer standard and custom options for the residential and commercial construction industry.




The architectural elements offered include:

Columns: Round, Square, Straight, Tapered, Rope, Belly and Fluted.

Caps & Bases: Doric, Tuscan, Ionic, Corinthian and Custom design.

Crown Moldings: Exterior and Interior, Windowsills, Middle Band & Cornices, Bands and surrounds.

Balustrades: With or without top and bottom rail.

Arches: Elliptical, Gothic, Partialradius, Trueradius and custom measures and designs.


Pediments / Headers


Shutters / Louvers

Signage: Letters and numbers.

Custom Design: Send us your CAD, BobCAD or DXF Files, or let our staff create your own signature pieces.